Educational Institutions

Enabling Students To Directly Move From Theory To Real-Life Work Scenarios

Medical Colleges

Berkeley HealthEDU provides a unique opportunity to Final year MBBS students, junior resident doctors and DNB / MEM students to experience near real life scenarios and enhances decision-making skills during medical crises. In simulation-based training courses, participants learn on mannequins

These mannequins can mimic near real life scenarios including hemodynamic parameters that allow for immersive learning and management of the situation, without fear of harming the patient.

The entire episode is video recorded and later used for debriefing.

Creating Real – Life Scenarios to Enable Complex Decision -Making Skills

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Nursing Colleges

On-the-job Training for Direct Workforce Entry

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At Berkeley HealthEDU we are uniquely positioned to support Nursing Colleges in creating Nurses who possess updated, global standards of knowledge, skills and hands-on experience.

By helping them think correctly, develop their thought processes and communication skills, these are Nurses who can make an impressive career start by joining the workforce in a large Corporate Hospital directly without any additional on-the-job training.

Hence – a Nursing student trained with support from Berkeley HealthEDU has the potential to move directly from their ‘college to the bedside’


Advancements in Healthcare along with extensive use of technology have made modern patient management efficient and effective. However – given the state of today’s theory based healthcare education, lack of tools and hands-on experience can create challenges for a student once they begin to work in a healthcare organisation. Due to lack of experience and exposure the student is overwhelmed by the demands of the real-world healthcare scenario and finds himself at a disadvantage. An additional hands-on training period in the organisation is most needed – in order to become independent in the system.

Our Institutional Partnerships enable us to assist students in the last and final leg of their education and help them get equipped with advanced knowledge, modern tools and technology, plus simulation-based learning in order to easily and efficiently work in today’s competitive and demanding Healthcare industry.

Berkeley HealthEDU has designed programmes that effectively supplement theoretical education and give students the learning edge by providing scenario-based training that provides opportunities in a mock environment, using High/Low-Fidelity Simulation embedded with Behavioural Elements that gives students an edge over others and increases chances of employment.

Tools & Technology for Hands-on Learning

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Benefits of our Courses & Training Programmes for Educational Institutions :

  • Global Standard Knowledge, Technology & Trainers
  • Scenario-based Learning for Learning Critical Skills and Procedural Capabilities in a controlled environment with zero risk
  • Courses, Training Programmes & Workshops are customisable, depending upon client requirements
  • End to end Training Solutions that allow students to move in directly from theory based learning to real-life work scenarios. This enables them to enter their first jobs with the added advantage of work experience eliminating the need for additional on-the-job training


CourseNo. of Days
Immersive Learning using HFS - Doctor Workshop
This programme will train junior doctors in recognition of bad and good physiology, using emergency bedside equipment, demonstrate skills to handle common crisis situations as a first responder.
Immersive Learning using HFS - Doctor Workshop
per Hr (Minimum 2 Hrs)
This programme will train junior doctors in recognition of bad and good physiology, using emergency bedside equipment, demonstrate skills to handle common crisis situations as a first responder.


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