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Our healthcare training courses are also focused on educating the public in combating medical emergencies. Especially in settings such as corporates, schools where large groups of people work together in specific area clusters and the impact of unforeseen emergencies and disasters can be compounded by the population density.

Our training courses and customised workshops enable people to be prepared to manage a medical emergency situation till medical help is made available.  We focus on enabling learning of critical skills and procedural capabilities in a controlled environment with multiple scenario options and zero risks.

We also offer customised training workshops and training courses for our industry partners from the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. Training can be conducted both onsite and offsite and as per stipulated requirements.

Benefits of our Courses & Training Programmes for Organisations:

  • Global Standard Knowledge, Technology & Trainers for both Clinical & Non-Clinical Courses
  • Scenario-based Learning for learning Critical Skills and Procedural Capabilities in a controlled environment with zero risk
  • Courses, Training Programmes & Workshops are customisable, depending upon client requirements
  • End to end Training Solutions to enable Outstanding Healthcare Delivery, Staff Motivation leading to Optimum Patient Outcomes and Better Business Results.

Educating Public Groups in Emergency Healthcare

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CoursesNo. of Days
AHA BLS Provider Course
Basic Life support is an internationally validated programme which enables the participants to recognise several life-threatening emergencies , provide CPR, Use an AED and relieve choke.
BHE Certified BLS Provider Course
Basic Life support programme enables the participants to recognises several life-threatening emergencies , provide CPR, Use an AED and relieve choke.


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