Partnerships for Creating Value in Healthcare Delivery Organisations

Existing Hospitals

The single largest and most critical part of the service framework that ensures Superior Clinical Outcomes for any Healthcare Delivery Organisation is People. The quality of People can make or break the service standards of any organisation, including a Healthcare Delivery Organisation. Hence there is a constant demand for qualified, skilled and capable Healthcare Professionals at all levels. Our experience in the business has also sensitised us to the need for a robust People Development Programme that would include not just regular employees but also cater to the contractual healthcare workforce.

Each organisation has in-house capability to take care of their People Development requirements to a degree. However – our experience has shown that the Management feels that more can be done.  This identified gap is a function of lack of time, operational challenges, redundancy of content and lack of in-house skills to conceive and deliver specialised Training.

At Berkeley HealthEDU, our endeavour is to partner with and enhance the efforts of an in-house hospital team to build and deliver targetted and result-oriented training programmes to meet the requirements already cited. Our capabilities and experience have enabled us to create world-class training modules and with the aid of simulation-based learning (both High-Fidelity and Low- Fidelity) the learning experience is extremely immersive and enriching. Our programmes are especially designed for stakeholders that work in a Healthcare Delivery Organisation impacting the entire value chain of the patient for a positive outcome.

Training for Outstanding Healthcare Delivery

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Greenfield/ Upcoming Hospital

Training for Outstanding Healthcare Delivery

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Healthcare Delivery set-ups have grown exponentially and this has highlighted the need for a skilled workforce to manage and run such facilities.   Currently available talent is not equipped to handle the challenges of a Greenfield setup. Another challenge is the lack of technological advancements in this scenario. The situation reinforces the need for structured and current content to skill and train healthcare professionals in the requisite areas required in a Greenfield set-up. In the past three years, Berkeley HealthEDU has been successful in building innovative learning solutions catering to this specific need area. The solutions complement ongoing HR practices and allow senior management to prepare the Greenfield Hospital for commissioning, while building the right culture and value systems from day one. Our solutions are modular and can be delivered both at Berkeley HealthEDU Centres and at the Hospital site. The spectrum of these solutions covers both core clinical and non-clinical knowledge and functions. This ensures that our clients not only benefit from the solutions we offer but also through the vast experience the entire Berkeley HealthEDU team brings on board for setting up and commissioning Greenfield setups.

In both existing and Greenfield scenarios, training with Berkeley HealthEDU leads to improved staff knowledge, procedural competence and skills, motivation and confidence. Which in turn results in improved clinical acumen and performance outcomes. The result ? Better quality of patient care leading to satisfied patients and better business results.

Benefits of our Courses & Training Programmes for Hospitals :

  • Global Standard Knowledge, Technology & Trainers
  • Scenario-based Learning for learning Critical Skills and Procedural Capabilities in a controlled environment with zero risk
  • Courses, Training Programmes & Workshops are customisable, depending upon client requirements
  • End to end Training Solutions to enable Outstanding Healthcare Delivery, Staff Motivation leading to Optimum Patient Outcomes and Better Business Results.


CourseNo. of daysCertificationDescription
AHA BLS Provider Course
Basic Life support is an internationally validated programme which enables the participants to recognise several life-threatening emergencies , provide CPR, Use an AED and relieve choke.
BHE Certified BLS Provider Course
Basic Life support enables the participants to recognises several life-threatening emergencies , provide CPR, Use an AED and relieve choke.
Critical Care Nurse Refresher Course
Critical Care Nursing Refresher Course is a training programme for practising critical care nurses to have an in-depth understanding of 5 critical aspects of the adult critical care environment. Upon completion of the programme, the participant will have the advantage of providing the critical thinking skills that are focused on timely and accurate interventions in the listed 5 essential aspects.
Essentials of Cardiac & Airway Resuscitation Skills
Berkeley HealthEDU offers the first of its kind, a compact programme to deal with cardiac and airway emergencies. ECARS is uniquely designed with maximum hands-on time to ensure transfer of knowledge in real life situations, impacting improved clinical outcomes.
Healing with Care - Front Office Assistant
Healing with Care will train front office assistants on appropriate grooming, body language and occupational communication through critical touch points at the front desk in the hospital ensuring the highest level of patient centricity and satisfaction.
Healing with Care - Multi disciplinary teams
Every hospital strives to have the best medical and nursing talent to ensure best clinical outcomes. However, individual brilliance does not necessarily result in best outcomes in most situations. Healthcare delivery by far depends on team performance. Each member of the team plays a critical role and effectiveness of the team decide the quality of the outcome. The collaborative teamwork has proven to make a great difference especially in the emergency room, critical care units and operation theatre. In such high impact areas the room for error does not exist. Simulation-based immersive learning has shown higher dividends in preparing core teams and contingency teams by taking the team through simulated scenarios . This allows the team members to work through critical scenarios in a protected environment where mistakes are allowed.
Healing with Care - Nurses
Healing with Care will train nurses on appropriate grooming, body language and occupational communication through critical touch points during a patient’s stay in the hospital ensuring the highest level of patient centricity and satisfaction.
High Fidelity Simulation Workshop - ICU Nurse
High Fidelity Simulation workshop is a programme that gives a unique opportunity to experience, learn and manage common crises faced in an adult ICU and ER. It also enhances communication skills in crisis , using emergency bedside equipment and first response to a common crisis. The scenarios are on airway and cardiac emergencies.
High Fidelity Simulation Workshop - Early Warning Signs
This programme will train nurses to recognise a deteriorating patient by categorising severity and escalating at the right time to drive better patient outcomes through high fidelity crisis scenarios the happen in non-critical areas.
Infection Control Nurse programme
This programme will prepare participants with the skills and knowledge required to function as an effective Infection Control Nurse in any healthcare setting.
Nurse Refresher Course
Nurse Refresher Course is a training programme for practising nurses and make up for critical deficiencies in technical and soft skills and become the bridge between the initial training programme and current expectations in the competitive healthcare environment.
Upon completion the Nurse Refresher Course, the participant will have the advantage of providing the employer with a renewed vigour and focus on patient safety and satisfaction.
Hospital Disaster & Mass Casualty Management course, level - 1
2 days
This course aims towards educating the participant's basics of hospital disaster management including mass casualty incidents.


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