Public Healthcare

Partnerships for Creating Value in Healthcare Delivery Organisations

Enabling Public Healthcare in India

The focus of Public Health Intervention is to improve health and quality of life through prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health challenges that affect the population. This is done through monitoring and research of cases and health indicators and through a promotion of healthy behaviours. Examples of common public health measures include promotion of hand washing, breastfeeding, immunisation and other preventive health measures.

There are several shortfalls that need to be addressed in the development of Human Resources for Public Health Services. After all, Healthcare can only be as effective as those who deliver it. Recognising this need – Berkeley HealthEDU is seeking to address limited institutional capacity in India by strengthening training and education in the field of Public Health.

At Berkeley HealthEDU we are working to strengthen the Healthcare System,  enabling Human Resource Development and building capacity in Public Health Systems with our training programmes and workshops.

This includes the following :

  • Preservice Training including Skills and Public Health Leadership Parameters
  • In-service Training for Medical Officers for imparting Management Skills and Leadership Qualities.
  • Specialised Training for creating Paramedical Workers and Training Institutes in India.


On a macro-level, we work to prepare the community for various unforeseen disasters through our Disaster Management Programmes.


The courses cover the following aspects:

  • Sensitising Society about Disaster Risk Management.
  • Understanding Basics of Disaster Management.
  • Learning Do’s and Dont’s for Common Disasters.
  • Helping Professionals in Managing Disaster Efficiently.
  • Organising Awareness Campaigns amongst Communities about Disaster Risk Management.
  • Making use of Disaster Management Knowledge in Disaster Awareness.

Developing Public Healthcare Systems

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Benefits of our Courses & Training Programmes for Public Healthcare:

  • Global Standard Knowledge, Technology & Trainers for both Clinical & Non-Clinical Courses
  • Scenario-based Learning for learning critical skills and procedural capabilities in a controlled environment with zero risk
  • Courses, Training Programmes & Workshops are customisable, depending upon client requirements



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CoursesNo. of Days
Basic Disaster Management Course for Schools. Level-12 Days
This course aims to train the participant the basics of disaster preparedness & management including mass casualty incidents.
Hospital Disaster & Mass Casualty Management course, level - 1
2 Days
This course aims towards educating the participants basics of hospital disaster management including mass casualty incidents .
Mass Casualty Management Course, level - 12 Days
This course is designed for both medical and non-medical professionals who care and manage mass causalities in disasters.


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